Graphic Wall Sculptures and Wall Art by Los Angeles Sculptor Bruce Gray
A selection of modern graphic wall sculptures and wall art in various styles and materials by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray. Through various mediums and styles sculptor Bruce Gray creates beautiful wall sculptures that can be used in even the most eclectic collections of wall art. This collection features some of his graphic style works including his version of crop circles, and overlapping high heel shoes. This group tends to have very interesting negative shapes and also creates a lot of great shadows on the wall.
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Crop Circle sculptures by sculptor Bruce Gray
crop circles various
Crop Circle sculptures in metal

shoe fetish wall sculpture shoe fetish 2nd Childhood sculpture 1
Crop Circles #1 Crop Circles #1 (Large and Small) Crop Circles #3 Shoe Fetish #1 Shoe Fetish #2 Second Childhood #1
Abstract modern metal wall sculpture by sculptor Bruce Gray Abstract modern metal wall sculpture "Cityscape" (36x48x3) by sculptor Bruce Gray is a wall sculpture of a city scene constructed of welded steel rods, plasma cut letters, and painted black. It is raised about 3" off the wall to give you those cool shadows. This commissioned wall sculpture is at Vanguard-Fine commercial real estate office in New York. The "VF" is the company's logo. You may order a similar style wall sculpture for $3500.
threesome wall abstract modern sculpture
Abstract modern metal wall sculpture
Two Faces #1 Two Faces #2
Cityscape Yabba Dabba Doo Threesome Logo Design stylization for wall sculpture. SOLD
Abstract modern metal wall sculpture Metal sketch wall sculpture "Skitching" aka "Metal Sketch #2" (31x87x2) is an abstract "metal drawing" wall sculpture in welded stainless steel 3/16 " rods by Los Angeles metal sculptor Bruce Gray. This modern contemporary wall sculpture was commissioned for a private collection in Aspen, CO. 
A similar wall sculpture can be commissioned in stainless steel for $2000. It comes apart into two sections to make it easier to ship and install.      
Shark SOLD Metal Sketch #1 Skitching      

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