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Art & Sculpture! • • • • • •
The Palm Springs Desert Museum has shown and sold Bruce's work and their Women's committee has visited his
studio and also bought his work.
Alexander Calder is one of Bruce's earliest and biggest art influences, and probably his favorite sculptor of all time.
Take a look at all the amazing kinetic art and kinetic sculptures on the new website at For cool museum quality artist made items, take a look at the new website for the
Steve Murphy is an amazing potter from Boston, and one of Bruce's best friends. Check out his most excellent work. I love the dragons! Bruce's favorite painter of all time is Picasso! I want one!
Roy Lichtenstein's awesome work is at Claes Oldenburg inspired Bruce's series of oversized objects. He's great!
One of Bruce's goals is to get a sculpture in
The Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Salvador Dali is one of Bruce's favorite painters.
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles has been a source of inspiration for years. Henry Moore is the inspiration for my Bruce's series of wood sculptures. See Mine?
In the photography world, Ansel Adams is the King! Bruce's favorite architect is Frank O. Gehry. Check out his amazing accomplishment, the Guggenheim Museum.
Take a look at Bruce's new Book Store for books on art, sculpture, fashion, design and architecture. Kinetic art, mobiles, giant objects, and other sculptures by Bruce Gray.
If you are into art and design, you probably know about The Bauhaus Bruce Gray's Linked in page: Artist Bruce Gray's Linked in page.
Bruce Gray's Twitter page: Artist Bruce Gray's Twitter ramblings at SculptorLA. Bruce Gray's Facebook page: Artist Bruce Gray's official Facebook page.
Bruce Gray's IMDb page: Artist Bruce Gray's credits on the Internet Movie Data Base website. (He is listed as Bruce Gray XII). Bruce Gray's blog: Sculptor and painter Bruce Gray's blog "The Steel Whisperer" about his work and adventures in the world of art.
Bruce Gray's YouTube Channel: Artist Bruce Gray's kinetic sculptures can be seen on the Sculptures by Bruce Gray Channel on YouTube.  
Art Link Exchanges! • • • • • •
Want a link for your site? Environmental groups, art museums, & socially positive organizations send an email link request A great website for listings of artists and their artworks can be found at  
Here is Bruce Gray's smaller, easier to navigate website with just his very favorite artworks and sculptures at: brucegrayartist Rader Environmental Services: A great company who recycles unused paints by giving them to artists. This is great for artists, and is awesome for the environment. How cool is that! I love these guys.
Other Link Exchanges! • • • • • •
Where does Bruce get all his metal? "All my metal comes from my friends at Industrial Metal Supply in Sun Valley. They have an amazing selection, and next day delivery. Great folks!" Check out the Magnet Man for the best site on the web for magnet experiments and other very cool magnet related stuff. Rick knows magnets!
Take a look at the Forcefield website for purchasing high powered rare earth magnets. The website "Clinical Gait Analysis" has a section on Walking As Art, and features several of Bruce's high heel shoe sculptures on the Footwear page.
The Jimwich website writes about all kinds of interesting topics including Bruce's kinetic sculptures. See write up in the archives on Monday, April 2, 2001. The Department of Podiatry at Curtin University of Technology has a link to this website for the shoe sculptures.
The Carol Duvall Show on HGTV did a feature on Bruce at his sculpture studio. See Carol's write up on Bruce. SHUZ Magazine ran an article on Bruce and his Giant Shoe sculptures and other sculptures. has a link to this website for the photogram on the Photography page. Check them out! The Costumers Manifesto features a photo of one of Bruce's shoe sculptures and a link to this website.
Just Books, in the U.K. has a link to this website for sculpture. The website for a book called "All About Wearing High Heels," has a link to this website for the Shoe Sculptures.
Hey Kidz! Check out kidzworld for games, contests, sports, entertainment, music, and lots more cool stuff for kids. The Canadian radio show "At Home with Cheryll Gillespie" is doing several interviews with Bruce.
Interested in fashion, beauty, health, fitness, and shopping? Take a look at the cool fashionalley website. They also have an article on Bruce and his shoe sculptures. Take a look at GuitarSite: Your guide to over 1000 guitar resources and music sites. They also feature my giant guitar sculpture and have a link to this website. COOL!
The Living Web has a page dedicated to science toys and kinetic art with several links to this website. Bruce gets his postcards printed by Modern Postcard. They do a great job quickly and at a great price.
Take a look at High Heel Shoe featuring Bruce's shoe sculptures. Check out The Ultimate High Heel Fetish Shoe Page featuring Bruce's shoe sculptures and exotic high heel shoes.
You must check outthe fantastic online television show: "Weird America." Look for the Bruce Gray interview here. I love The Oddstrument Collection: a very cool website featuring all kinds of bizarre musical instruments from around the world. Check out the article on Bruce Gray and his musical sculptures.
There is a great interview at Bruce Gray's studio for online television show: "Shoetube." Seth Roberts blog: Web Savvy Sculptor: interview of Bruce Gray by New York Times bestselling author
Interview of metal sculptor Bruce Gray for interactive online television show: "Guide to Getting a Life" on TheStream.TV.

Interview of Los Angeles shoe sculptor Bruce Gray for the online television show: "Shoes TV".

Environment! • • • • • •
An Inconvenient Truth is quite possibly the most important documentary ever made. I applaud Al Gore on his outstanding effort to get society to wake up and smell the devistation. A MUST see! Click here for the An inconvenient Truth website. One of Bruce's all time favorite environmental groups is the Rainforest Action Network. "I strongly suggest you check them out!"
You can't even talk about environmental issues without including actor and dedicated environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. Deforestation happens! History repeats...
Greenpeace is a very important organization in the war against pollution. Birds are cool. Bruce gets hawks to hummingbirds in his downtown LA yard. Audubon
The Sierra Club is another group Bruce likes to help support. Overpopulation (6 Billion+) is one of our biggest problems.
The World Wildlife Fund does great things to preserve our endangered species! Check out the American Oceans Campaign. Our Oceans need help!
Please check out the awesome work of the Surfrider Foundation. For renewable energy and conservation, contact Union of Concerned Scientists.
One of the best environmental information resources is the National Resources Defence Council. Check them out! The Discovery Channel is not only entertaining but educational and enlightening.
Used tires are a huge environmental hazard but can be recycled into asphalt for our streets with improved quality. Website link. Cut down on excessive junk mail. Link here to cut back on unwanted trash mail. What a waste. Junk Mail
The CalCars California Car Initiative has information on 100 miles per gallon plug in hybrids. Check out Leonardo DiCaprio's Eco-Site concerning global warming and sustainability here.
  Check out my friends at The Cousteau Society.
Music! • • • • • •
One of Bruce's favorite bands is Kraftwerk.
They have a very cool interactive site!
Moby's albums "Play" and "Songs" are on Bruce's stereo almost everyday. Awesome!
REM is another long time favorite! Elvis Costello still rules!
William Orbit's "Strange Cargo" series is music Bruce can't live without. If you are in an electronica mood check out Kruder and Dorfmeister
Fela Kuti was an amazing musician! His music lives on. Currently one of my favorites!!! Bruce loves the energy and brilliant songwriting of Green Day.
Enigma Excellent spacey music. Another long time favorite....The Cure
KCRW radio plays the coolest music in LA! Check out Dire Straights
Fat Boy Slim has a lot of great tunes! Cracker is another awesome band!
Are you looking for a didjeradoo, theremin, bagpipes, or other hard to find instrument? Massive Attack is more mellow than their name suggests.
Miscellaneous Cool Links! • • • • • •
Bruce is a former Coast Guardsman (ET2) (1975-1979) and have recently been contacted by some old Coast Guard friends. There is a great website for locating your old coastie friends at Fred's Place. Check it out. Bruce recently found out that he is dyslexic. This is said to be an advantage to sculptors and others who work in 3 dimensions. Here is a website to find out more details.
Bruce graduated from the University of Massachusetts (formerly SMU) in 1983 with a BFA in Design. "Four years there changed my life, and started me on my creative path." Looking for a creative job? Check out the Creative Hot List job listing website.
Hollywood! • • • • • •
Since they have used Bruce's sculptures in both Austin Powers movies, the least we could do is put a link to the Austin Powers site baby! There is another Bruce Gray, who is an accomplished actor and director.
Bruce sometimes gets his fan mail by mistake.
If you like Southpark, you are going to love the mini clips from the shows. If you like 60's Japanese animation
TV Tome lists all your favorite stars with credits and other interesting information. Sculptor Bruce Gray's credits are listed with TV Tome here. One of Bruce's favorite comedians that he first met at the renowned TED convention is Ze Frank. Check out his website here.
One of Bruce's all time favorite comedians is Rick Overton. He is also a great guy when you meet him in person. Check out his website here. Here is a link to sculptor Bruce Gray's Internet Movie Data Base (IMDb) website page.
Fun Stuff! • • • • • •
How does Bruce do his online shopping and searches? Its one of the best directories on the web! Carnivorous plants are cool looking, fun to grow, and you can watch them eat pesty bugs. Almost too cool to be legal.
Cool site to get music if you play the guitar. If you know what a 959 is, check out this exotics only site. Coolcars
Bruce Gray's Sculptures Appearing in Movies
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.
Photos of Bruce's
work in films.

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