Found Objects Metal Sculptures by Los Angeles Sculptor Bruce Gray
A selection of modern contemporary abstract and figurative standing sculptures and giant objects
constructed in found objects by Internationally featured Los Angeles California metal sculptor Bruce Gray. These found object art pieces are constructed using various found items like car parts, train parts, motorcycle parts, nuts, industrial sized bolts, gears, railroad spikes, and various other interesting and unusual objects.
Please click on the photos below to see larger image with text and prices.
Studebaker Bug Insect Sculpture by Bruce Gray



found objects robot sculpture


Bing robot sculpture by Bruce Gray

Studebaker Bug Sculpture Motorcycle Found Objects Sculpture Beemer Robot Sculpture #1 Bing Robot Sculpture #2
Found Objects Bug Sculpture
Click Clack Kinetic Sculpture Youre Late #1 Cat and T Rex Found Objects Bug Sculpture
Found Objects Tricycle Spikeball Garden of Earthly Delights  Dragon Sculpture
Show Off Spike Lee Barking Dog Sculpture Charlie
20th Century Icon The Tank Dog Excellent Birds Tall Man #1

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