GDR Creative Intelligence: Global Innovation Reports featuring Bruce Gray's Graphic Design
GDR Creative Intelligence Global Innovation article on Bruce Gray design
This is an article in the GDR Creative Intelligence / Global Innovation Report featuring artist Bruce Gray's logo and packaging designs for Graffiti Cosmetics. (2005: Issue 17) More information and subscription form for the Global Innovation Report can be found here.

This budget yet stylish make up line is marketed towards teenagers and young adults, with the majority of products priced around the $5 mark. The range is designed to be fun and affordable while still maintaining a high quality of product. The brief for the packaging was to be urban, eclectic and diverse, to encourage the consumer to express themselves freely.

The sculptor and artist Bruce Gray used his series of 'Spots' paintings as inspiration for the design of the packaging and website. The intention was to make the packaging fun and eye catching, while at the same time keeping the feel of a piece of fine art. The circles of colour, which continue on the inside of the packaging, represent the array of cosmetic colours available and also reflect the shape of many eye shadows and compacts.

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