Hand Made Metal Suit of Armor by Sculptor Bruce Gray
Metal Helmet for suit of armor

angeleno magazine article on sculptor bruce gray
Artist Bruce Gray dressed in metal suit of armor
Hand made metal suit of armor
Portrait os Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray This is a metal suit of armor hand made by Bruce Gray in welded aluminum. It features eight pieces including a helmet, chest protector with hand made chain mail stomach guard, forearm guards with shark fin slashers, thigh protectors with small spikes, and shin and knee guards with 2 large spikes. The straps are all hand cut, punched, riveted, and stained leather. This style of armor was designed to be a post apocalypse "Road Warrior" look rather than a knights of old look. This suit of armor was made for a photograph of sculptor Bruce Gray for an article in Angeleno magazine. Photographs of Bruce in his suit of armor by Mark Humphrey. Special effects makeup by Siobhan Carmody.
Chest armor with chain mail
Sculptor Bruce Gray in handmade suit of armor
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