"Cheborgie #1" Kinetic Art Musical Rolling Ball Sculpture
Rube Goldberg inspired rolling Ball Machine sculpture by Bruce Gray at rolling Ball Museum, Seoul, Korea


"Cheborgie #1" (79x33x27) is a kinetic art musical rolling ball sculpture inspired by the contraptions of Rube Goldberg, which has a steel ball that starts at the top and by gravity follows a rollercoaster track, does jumps, goes down stairs, through chimes, past a spinner, and through a tube.
This one of a kind kinetic sculpture is currently available at $6000. SOLD!

This sculpture has been purchased by The Rolling Ball Museum in Seoul, Korea for their permanent collection. Click here to visit the Rolling Ball Museum website.  
Rolling Ball Museum in Seoul, Korea

Watch a QuickTime video of this
sculpture in motion here!

Watch this video on YouTube here!




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