Chichester Observer Magazine article on sculptor Bruce Gray and his Shoe Sculptures
Chichester Observer article on giant shoe sculptures
Chichester Observer article on giant shoe sculptures

(Excerpt from article)
But in recent years high heels have been given a step up via all the interest in celebrity red carpet glamour, programmes such as Sex and the City and girl power.

Artist Bruce Gray is all for it. For the past eight years he has been making oversized shoe sculptures out of stainless steel, aluminum, and wood, so enamoured is he with the shape of the high heel.

"Shoes have a huge following in the world of collectables and fashion, and inspire a passion in many people that can only be described as fetishistic," he says. He has no qualms about extolling the virtues of high heels - for both men and women.

"Women love high heels because they make their legs look great, longer and more shapely, they add more curve to their rear end and make their breasts more pronounced, they get them lots of attention from both sexes, they make them look sexier with a hint of 'bad girl'," he enthuses.

"Men like them because they make legs look fantastic, they represent both power and frailty at the same time, the bad girl/fashion model look is always good, they sound cool when a woman walks by and they force a woman to walk in a sexy way, with a bit of hip sway and shorter steps, like a model on a catwalk."

So there you have it! And if the shoe fits..

Visit for more on Bruce Gray.

This is an article on Los Angeles metal artist Bruce Gray and his giant high heel shoe sculptures in The Chichester Observer Magazine from England, November 25, 2004.
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