Copyright Information on sculptor Bruce Gray's website
Absolutely NO image, text, design elements, or html may be copied or borrowed from this website without written permission from Bruce Gray. If you have an artist directory website or other website that relates to my work somehow, I may let you use images on your website for free, but you must ask first. You will also be required to give me a credit by each photo and a link to my website at I do not want to have any of my work associated with any website that I feel is not a socially positive website. You may not know this, but the major search engines seriously frown on stolen images and html, and once reported you can be permanently banned from being listed on these search engines.
Contact Bruce Gray here for more information on using artwork or sculpture images.
There are 2 exceptions to the above statement. If you are an art consultant or art dealer you may copy my sculpture images to show to prospective clients, as long as the work is declared to be created by sculptor Bruce Gray. The second exception is that the link designs are available for you to copy, if you wish to use one to link to this website.
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