Statement on the Environment by sculptor Bruce Gray

I am embarrassed and ashamed of what the human race has managed to do to our beautiful planet. I have been active in trying to help the environmental situation in every way I can think of for many years. Its seems to be a losing battle. The rainforests that are homes to most of our animal and plant species are being totally clearcut and ruined forever. (They never grow back either, even over many years,ie: Easter Island, Egypt, etc etc.- History Repeats!) If endangered animals and lost medicinal plants don't mean anything to you, keep in mind that the rainforest also creates much of our oxygen and helps control our temperature and weather patterns. Not to mention mudslides and floods caused by deforestation. The world's rainforests are estimated to be entirely gone in our lifetimes. (You think the weather is setting records now....) The other huge current issues are endangered animal extinction, human overpopulation, and pollution. Just to name a few. We have run out of time for "letting other folks deal with it." If you are not part of the solution, you are most likely part of the problem. Do not take my word for it. Educate yourself. Contact the environmental groups listed on my "Cool Links" page. Help them out with cash if you can, become a member, volunteer some of your free time, write to politicians, recycle, or at least try to educate others about the problems. Please do not support companies known for rainforest destruction and other environmental disasters. I have been amazed as to how many people plan on doing nothing whatsoever about these problems, even after being confronted with the hard scary facts.
Each individual can and MUST make a difference. PLEASE DO SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR OUR PLANET!!!
Click here to visit the website of the Rainforest Action Network, or Zero Population Growth. A great place to start.
Do it for the future children of the world.

Here are 10 things you can easily do to help the environmental crisis:
1. When you go out for fast food, try to eat chicken and fish, not just hamburgers. Rainforest clearcutting for cattle is very bad.
2. If you like Chinese food and sushi, like I do, don't use disposable chop sticks. Buy a cool non-disposable pair in Chinatown.
3. Buy items in bulk to save on wasteful packaging. (Triple roll toilet paper is a great start.)
4. Get in the habit of recycling, while it is still trendy (and optional.)
5. Don't waste power. Turn off lights and appliances you are not using.
6. Don't waste water. Turn off the water while brushing teeth, washing car, etc. Water plants before it gets too sunny.
7. Talk to others about the environmental problems.
8. I like to garden, and I give away hundreds of my extra plants and cuttings every year. (Plants give off oxygen)
9. Join at least 1 or 2 environmental groups. Learn about the problems.
10. Don't overpopulate. Consider the future, and how crowded it will be for the next generations.

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