Furniture Style Magazine - Photo and article on sculptor Bruce Gray
magazine article on art furniture by sculptor Bruce Gray
Photograph of Meteor Chair and article on famous California sculptor Bruce Gray in Furniture Style Magazine (1997).

An artist's furniture is destined for stardom.

His name sounds like he could be the next Hollywood star. Bruce Gray. He agrees. "Acting would be cool, but I really like making my art." Which is just as well for the movie and television industry. Gray is a California based artist, sculptor, furniture maker and action film fan whose work has appeared in more than 20 films, like "Batman Forever," "Forget Paris," and "The Truth about Cats and Dogs." His art has also appeared on more than 50 television shows including "Ellen," "Frasier," "NYPD Blue," "Roseanne," and all the "Star Trek" series post Captain Kirk and Spock. "Everywhere I go I meet people who have seen my work, whether from movies, television, or in the galleries," Gray says. And being seen is exactly what's needed to be cast in a fictitious set. Gray is represented by Art O'Rama, a California company whose owner Pattee Stayrook is to artists what agents are to actors. While location may be everything, there are other routes to stardom. We found Gray and his work camped outside the California Gift Show.

(photograph caption)
Bruce Gray's Meteor chair made cameo appearances in Batman Forever and Color of Night.

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