"Equinox" Large scale mobile (hanging kinetic sculpture) by Bruce Gray
Equinox large scale mobile by Bruce Gray
"Equinox" (12 feet x 12 feet) is a large scale hanging kinetic sculpture by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray. It is constructed in welded stainless steel. The balance, scale, and spacing of the individual elements in this sculpture make it Bruce's favorite mobile. This modern mobile is in the corporate art collection of Harsch Investment Corporation in San Diego, California. See 2 more views below. See the rough sketches for this and the other mobile possibilities considered here.
Equinox large scale mobile by Bruce Gray
Equinox giant kinetic art mobile in stainless steel
This large size stainless steel mobile only weighs about 18 pounds, so it is not difficult to intall and support. Contact Bruce about commissioning a mobile for your business or home by email here. Bruce can ship (partially assembled) mobiles worldwide.

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Equinox large scale mobile by Bruce Gray
"Equinox" wall mounted sign in water jet cut stainless steel.
(7" diameter) Features Bruce Gray's famous disk ground finish.
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