Higher & Higher Magazine # 46/47 - article on sculptor Bruce Gray's mobile
Higher & Higher Magazine article on Bruce Gray's sculpture








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Article in Higher & Higher Magazine (The Moody Blues Magazine) featuring artist Bruce Gray's hanging kinetic mobile sculpture titled "On The Threshold of a Dream." This issue is dedicated to the Moody Blues album, "On the Threshold of a Dream." Bruce states that "This is one of my favorite albums, by one of my favorite bands of all time. I am a huge fan!"
(Issue # 46/47 Spring/Summer 2004)

(Excerpt from article above)
You may not be able to buy Phil Travers' original artwork for On the Theshold of a Dream or revive the album cover you abused 30 years ago, but you can get a piece of the dream instead. For the mere price of $6000, you can have your own "On the Threshold of a Dream" kinetic art mobile! Sculptor Bruce Gray constructed the mobile of aluminum rods, discs and spheres. The mobile can be seen on Gray's website, www.brucegray.com. "I am a longtime Moody Blues fan and wanted to dedicate an appropriate sculpture to one of my all-time favorite bands." Gray said. "The title seemed to fit perfectly with this kinetic, gently drifting and floating - almost dreamlike - sculpture." The Moodies have also fueled Gray's creative spark on many occasions for other projects, including paintings. "Music has always been very important to me, and I have it on all day while I work," he said. "The right music can inspire the direction that my artwork will take."

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