In Business Magazine article on sculptor Bruce Gray and his Sculptures
In Business Magaazine article featuring recycled junk sculptor Bruce Gray
This is an article featuring Los Angeles metal sculptor Bruce Gray and his found objects sculptures made from recycled materials. Bruce is known for taking more out of the dumpsters than he puts in them. He fabricates many of his sculptures from found object junk items that become beautiful and valuable art works. Bruce says "I am able to convert base metals into gold, taking objects people throw away and fabricating them into art objects that people want to feature in their homes." See Bruce Gray's artworks here. More information and subscription form for In Business magazine here. In Business Magazine
(Excerpt from article above)
Sculpture and Mobiles by Bruce Gray in Los Angeles is a truly unique business. His sculptures are made primarily from found objects, pulled from dumpsters, or company trash donations. Bruce claims he takes more stuff out of the trash than he puts in. Woods in sculptures are aquired from sustainable growth trees, not rainforests. Bruce is a Rainforest Action Network activist who makes custom metal creations for businesses, architects, individuals, and the film industry. His works have been displayed at many museums and art galleries; printed in newspapers, books, and magazines; and shown in films and television.
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