"Latest" Magazine - featuring Bruce Gray's sculptures and furniture

Article on famous artist Bruce Gray from Los Angeles
















"Latest" Magazine from Dubai with feature article on renowned American sculptor Bruce Gray. (Page 3)
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(continued from page 2) They are also available in disc brushed aluminum, stainless steel, and a wide variety of colors. It was rented for the classic TV show "Seinfeld."
The "Oblique Table": (16x48x24) is fabricated in stainless steel, and has a computerized water jet cut frosted glass top.
Bullet holes Lamp: The size is 25x11x16 and it is a unique functional art lamp sculpture. It is fabricated in steel, and uses an old propane tank riddled with bullet holes as the lamp shade. There is a blue bulb inside giving off a moody glow. Replacing the bulb is slightly dangerous with this lamp, and therefore it is not offered for sale. It can be rented for film or TV productions.
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