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Sculpture Fever
Leading American contemporary and abstract artist speaks to Latest about his unique wood and metal designs.
Bruce Gray has been interested in creative form and expression since he was a child. He was admitted into the Design School of University of Massachusetts and studied photography, sculpture, art history, illustration and got a BFA and majored in design. After a successful career in Boston he decided to move to Los Angeles and start his own studio as an artist. His choice of material was wood at the time. Though he admired various artists such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, David Smith, Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, his inspiration could come from anything. "The key is to look at things as a potential source of inspiration. Learn to observe and think more visually." Being a visual person and passionate about sculpture, Gray was motivated by the desire to create as many interesting art forms as possible. Beautiful, interesting shapes, textures and objects is what he hopes to leave behind as a legacy and hopes to achieve his goal of getting his work into the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Triad Chair: This is an ultra modern functional art chair sculpture. It is made in aluminum with a swirl ground finish. This is a one of a kind chair and the size is 32x20x21.
Zig Zag Chair: Ultra moderrn, futuristic and functional furniture chair sculpture. It is made in steel, powdercoated in red and the back side of the chair is painted in black. It has a springy rocking chair effect and looks more like a sculpture but is a very arty chair.
Musical Note Table: It is fabricated in welded aluminum and has a glass tabletop. This piece can also be made in stainless steel or aluminum.
Mirror #1: Very unique to look and decorative piece to have. It is also an art sculpture and is made in thick plasma cut aluminum.
Chopper Chair: Made in steel and painted with hugh quality automotive enamels this is a modern, functional art sculpture chair.
Walnut and Stainless Steel Table: This is fabricated in disc grinded stainless steel with a 2 inches thick solid walnut top.
The "Form Table": is a futuristic functional art table sculpture. It is constructed by hand in welded aluminum. It's elegant sweeping S curve supports an odd angled glass top. (16x53x27) This piece of ultra modern functional art is one of the most popular sculptures.
The "Angry Dog": (16x48x16) functional art table is fabricated in steel and painted with high quality automotive enamels or powdercoated.
They are also available in disc brushed aluminum, stainless steel, and a wide variety of colors. It was rented for the classic TV show "Seinfeld."
The "Oblique Table": (16x48x24) is fabricated in stainless steel, and has a computerized water jet cut frosted glass top.
Bullet holes Lamp: The size is 25x11x16 and it is a unique functional art lamp sculpture. It is fabricated in steel, and uses an old propane tank riddled with bullet holes as the lamp shade. There is a blue bulb inside giving off a moody glow. Replacing the bulb is slightly dangerous with this lamp, and therefore it is not offered for sale. It can be rented for film or TV productions.
Jazz Table: Is a functional art table sculpture and is constructed of intersecting geometric elements in steel, aluminum and copper. It is in a private collection.
Meteor Table and Chair: They are functional art furniture sculptures constructed of many plasma cut puzzle-like steel facets. The chair has been in several "Star Trek" TV series, and the films "Color of Night," "Biker Boyz," and "Batman Forever."
Shapes Table: is a functional art furniture sculpture that is constructed from swirl ground aluminum intersecting shapes, which support a glass top.
Pond Table: this is an aluminum functional art table with 3 levels, and a swirl ground finish. The top surface is shaped like a turtle, the middle a bear, and the bottom, a snake. This piece is in a private collection.
Tall Vase: It stands tall at 37x22x22 and is fabricated in disc ground aluminum, with a clear acrylic coating. This classic example of ultra modern functional art is in a private collection, but can be made on request.
Wedges Chair: It is a functional art furniture sculpture and can be ordered in steel, painted steel and in stainless steel. This ultra modern chair is featured in the books "Product Design 5" and "Chairs, Chairs, Chairs."
Bruce Gray can be contacted on

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