LA Weekly - Article and photograph featuring famous sculptor Bruce Gray
LA Weekly article on sculptor Bruce Gray Excerpt from LA Weekly article.
in the shadow of the blue whale

by Michael Gildea

Bruce Gray's coffee tables are amusing, invite laughter, a rare quality in furniture, In the shape of dead dogs, sharks, and meteors, they would not be out of place on Peewee's Playhouse. A recent immigrant from Boston, Gray feels LA is more liberal and less antique-oriented than his hometown. "Dead Dog Tables," he says, "would not sell in Boston." Constructed of metal and painted with a special non-polluting paint, Gray admits his work is for a fairly specialized audience. "Good help is hard to find as it is, and making more than five would be something." Lots of artists, interior designers and other creative types see Gray's work at galleries. His new work could go in any direction. After working at an ad agency for several years, and dreaming of owning his own company, Gray claims, "It will continue to be sculptural, but I've got a lot of creative energy that's waiting to explode."
Article and photograph featuring famous California metal sculptor Bruce Gray at his studio, and his "Meteor Table" functional art sculpture in the LA Weekly.  

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