Marquis Magazine #31 article High on Heels on High Heel Shoe Sculptures by Bruce Gray
Marquis magazine article on shigh heel shoe sculptures

"Bruce Gray - High on Heels." This is the third article on renowned American sculptor Bruce Gray and his high heel shoe sculptures appearing in Marquis Magazine from Belgium. This article features both the smaller size shoe sculptures, along with the new giant six foot tall high heel platform fetish sandal in bright red painted steel. Show me all of Bruce's high heel shoe sculptures. Show me the other Marquis Magazine articles on Bruce's fetish shoe sculptures. Watch for one of Bruce's shoe sculptures in the film "Raise Your Voice," and on TV's "Charmed."

Bruce Gray - High on Heels!
The US sculptor Bruce Gray, who has previously featured in Marquis, has produced yet another shoe sculpture, this time with even more straps, in bright glossy red and six feet tall! Not to be outdone by his work of art, he poses next to it, wearing equally impressive stilettos! Bruce also has six smaller stainless steel shoe sculptures for sale on his website ( Bruce is well known in the TV and film world in the USA, having made many sculptural installations for countless TV shows, adverts and Hollywood films. He has also exhibited countywide across the States. But something keeps drawing him back to ultra-high heels - we can't think why! (Excerpt from above article)

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