Capital Catwalk Salon: Bruce Gray's sculptures as Style Maven Awards
High Tea Society Style Maven Awards shoe sculpture
This is an article in the Capital Catwalk Salon event produced by the High Tea Society. The event featured 2 handmade stainless steel high heel shoe sculptures by sculptor Bruce Gray as awards for the 2005 Style Maven Awards.

Los Angeles Metal Sculptor and Artist Designer of 2005 High Tea Society Style Maven Award

"I create sculptures and functional art in welded steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum. The works vary considerably and include swirl grinded bare metal intersecting shapes sculptures, rusty found object assemblages, colorfully painted wall sculptures, mobiles, suspended magnet sculptures, and powder coated bright colored sculptural tables and chairs. My work is usually fun. colorful, visually stimulating, and often conveys my sense of humor. My found object works may be people, animals, insects, or dinosaurs, and are stylized, simplified, and given their own unique personalities."

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