"Attack of the Microbirds" The Hummingbird Movie

This is just too cool to keep to myself. Over the years I have had several hummingbirds come by and take a brief drink out of the hose while I am watering my garden. A couple of days ago I had one come up and take a drink, and then hung out bathing himself for over 2 minutes and just inches from my hand. He would have stayed longer, but when he flew up close to the nozzles, and alternated dipping his feet in for a good wash.... my laugh startled him for a few seconds. Now he has come back and done the bathing routine for 3 days in a row, and up to 5 times a day. Today, I went outside and there were 3 of them hanging out waiting for me, and I actually had 2 of them bathing in the hose at once. Anyway, I have been able to catch quite a few episodes on digital video, and have one of them here for your viewing pleasure. This video is the property of Bruce Gray and can not be rebroadcast or used in any form for any commercial purposes without written permission.

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