Palm Springs Life Magazine - Article on Bruce Gray's Sculptures
Article about sculptor Bruce Gray of Los Angeles

by Sally LaPorte
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Mike Meyers' Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me is a stimulating video rental, but focus your attention beyond the fembots for a moment to look at some of the movies props. If you look closely, in more than a few scenes you'll note interesting sculptures in the background. They're the work of Los Angeles based artist Bruce Gray. Gray works in welded steel, stainless steel, and found objects to create colorfully painted wall sculptures, mobiles, suspended magnet sculptures, kinetic gravity operated ball machines, and colored tables and chairs as well as assemblages. The art ranges from geometric to whimsical with brightly painted finishes and grinded swirls. Bruce began his work as a graphic designer specializing in logo design. Influenced by Frank Stella, Alexander Calder, and Roy Lichtenstein, Gray had the itch to create permanent three dimensional art. He bought a welder and taught himself how to use it. This gave him the freedom of spontaneity. Gray's art has been on display at The Gallery of Functional Art in a series called Chair as Art. Some of his works are oversized exaggerations of everyday objects such as High Heel Shoe #1, #2, and #3, which are approximately 3 feet tall. The curvaceous straps and sexy stiletto heels make these works a sensuous visual experience. Other pieces he's created include The Big Cheese, Giant Blue Ant, The Angry Dog, and the Shark Table. (Any lawyers or real estate agents looking for that perfect office decor touch?)

Article and photographs on Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray and his sculptures in Palm Springs Life Magazine. (April 2000)  
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