San Francisco Chronicle - article on sculptor Bruce Gray

Move Over Beer - Art is Brewing
Artists take over industrial lofts - including brewery
By Denise Levin, Associated Press

Los Angeles
The former brewery Bruce Gray calls home is fertile ground for the metal debris he needs for his "found art" pieces. It's also a safe place where hundreds of other artists provide daily support. The old Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery near downtown Los Angeles is home to the largest colony of artists on the West Coast - if not the world. Gray, 40, scavenges for scraps and morsels that he turns into tables, wall hangings and sculptures. One of his most popular pieces stands 10 feet tall and resembles a cat. His best sellers are foot-high mini-kitties made of railroad track bolts and pipes. He also makes armadillos, pelicans and dinosaurs. "Just being around a lot of other artists has its advantages." the Boston native said. Gray collects everything from screws to motorcycles around the brewery and lays them out on a table until they "speak" to him. That conversation may lead to a neighbor who cuts metal or a fellow artist who develops film. With his work area and living space separated by a wall, Gray is free to work whenever he wants for however long he wants. "I kind of have a hard time taking time off." Gray said, "I like to have my art around me because I like my own work."

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