Surface Magazine article on sculptor Bruce Gray
Surface magazine article on sculptor Bruce Gray


It is increasingly difficult to escape Los Angeles based artist Bruce Gray's sculptural and functional creations. His ubiquitous work appears not only in galleries and showrooms, but in cinematic pop monuments such as Austin Powers and Tales of the City. Gray's timely brand of pop surrealism infiltrates the unconscious by recontextualizing the familiar; crafting oversized cheese slices, paper airplanes and oversized bugs from heavy metal and creating coffetables from geometrical animal shapes. More fun house than art house, Gray's easy wit is a welcome West Coast refreshment for academia's parched palette.

Article and photos in Surface Magazine, featuring the giant "Big Cheese #1," and the "Paper Plane" sculptures by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray. Both are constructed in aluminum and are part of Bruce's series of oversized objects inspired by renowned sculptor Claes Oldenburg.  

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