TED Conference 2005 article on sculptor Bruce Gray and his Mobile Sculpture
TED Conference 2005 with sculptor Bruce Gray and his mobile sculpture  

This is an article in the TED 2005 guide book on Los Angeles metal sculptor Bruce Gray and his mobile sculpture titled "Woka Woka One." This sculpture was featured at the prestigious TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conference in Monterey, California in February 2005.
Bruce has some great photographs and other details and links to TED available by clicking here. This amazing yearly conference featured speakers including many of the greatest minds and most talented people on the planet.

"I love to experiment creatively, and am hoping to eventually try my skills at writing a novel, making a movie, writing songs, and more. The thought process has already begun in these areas, and many of my ideas percolate in my mind for years until something just clicks, and then I dive right into the project. I predict that I will be very unpredictable as to the directions I will travel in the future. I think artists should really try to work in as many creative areas as they possibly can, at least to some extent. Having an experimental and open mind is key. An artist should be able to appreciate and be inspired by the shape, color, and texture of ordinary things that others would overlook or dismiss as uninteresting."
For more information, visit www.brucegray.com.

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