"Samuri Spaceship" Wall Sculpture #32 abstract modern painted metal wall sculpture
Modern abstract painted wall sculpture
"Wall Sculpture #32" or "Samurai Spaceship" (33x50x4) is a modern abstract wall sculpture by California sculptor Bruce Gray. This particular piece uses a lot of opposite colors in patterns. The use of opposite colors like red/green or black/white causes a visual vibration where these colors intersect. The use of opposites is most dramatic when you stare at a part of the sculpture for a second or 2 then shift your focus to another part of the sculpture or even at blank wall, where you will see a ghost image in reverse colors of those you just looked at, and in the same pattern and shape. This effect only lasts briefly, but can give viewing this sculpture a sparkling or slightly glowing effect when you view it, which you may not even notice except subconsciously. This sculpture is in a private collection in Wisconsin. To see this sculpture featured in an article in the Wisconsin State Journal, click here.
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