Kinetic Sculptures, Mobiles, and Kinetic Art Directory
There are 3 main Catagory pages on this website that include only kinetic sculptures and kinetic art.
I have also listed several miscellaneous kinetic art works and musical sculptures below as well.
There are quicktime videos of most of the kinetic sculptures in motion.
Please click on the topic highlighted below to go to the kinetic art subpages. More to come!
Mobile kinetic art Mobiles (hanging sculptures) and Stabiles (floor standing mobiles) in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and painted steel. They can be commissioned in various sizes, metals, or colors, and can be for indoor use or for your outdoor sculpture garden. Mobiles are probably the most common form of kinetic art. Custom mobiles and other kinetic art by Bruce Gray can be created with a specific theme, certain color combinations, and in any size or material required. We ship our mobiles worldwide.
Magnetic kinetic art Magnetic "Suspension" sculptures feature very high powered rare earth magnets suspended on strings to give an appearance of levitation. These are very popular, and have been featured several times on televison and also in films including the instant cult classic "Austin Powers- The Spy Who Shagged Me." These magnets are WAY more powerful than what you can normally buy at the store. It is difficult to pry apart even a very small 3/16 inch pair of magnets, and visegrips would have to be used to pry apart the larger magnets before I coat them in rubber. The rubber coating allows you to pull the magnets apart easier, and also protects them from chipping.
Motorized ball machine kinetic sculpture Rolling Ball Sculptures or (Ball Machines) feature a standing structure that has tracks and stunts for a rolling ball to follow. These kinetic sculptures are always a huge hit at Bruce's art openings. Now you can see Quicktime video clips of his first 4 kinetic art rolling ball machines. Some "stunts" include loop the loop, musical chimes, jumps, magnetically operated track alternating switches, spiral deescalators, stairs, basketball net, musical stairs, spinners, switchbacks, minimal tracks, multi balls, and more. These captivating sculptures are either gravity powered or have motorized chain lift elevators.
Musical kinetic art Musical Art furniture "Pegasus Table" in steel features hanging steel tubes that swing from side to side and act as chimes. It was at the Gallery of Functional Art in a show on Musical Furniture and was part of a musical orchestrated performance art event. This kinetic sculpture has 2 hidden mallets which appear to be part of the sculpture. Click the title for a video and to hear the amazing sounds.
Giant kinetic art toy "Click Clack" is a giant kinetic sculpture of the classic desktop toy, and uses bowling balls on heavy duty strings. Look for it on the TV show "Time of Your life," and the film "Heart of Summer." The alignment of the bowling balls was done with a laser level. You can also see a Quicktime video clip of this sculpture by clicking the title link. It makes great sounds too.
kinetic art stabile sculpture large This is a large size stabile kinetic sculpture titled "Circumferential Evidence." See a larger photograph and mini movie of this sculpturewith the top section spinning by clicking the title link. This sculpture can be commissioned in a wide variety of colors. This one is in a private collection.
Tabletop kinetic sculpture There are also several smaller variations of kinetic sculptures and kinetic art on the $500 and Under page. Shown at left is one of Bruce's most popular tabletop stabiles. The yellow section spins and balances on the top point of the red sculpture base.

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