Quick time video clips of Bruce Gray's kinetic art sculptures
This is where to come to find the links to the very latest Quicktime video clips of sculptor Bruce Gray's kinetic sculptures, musical sculptures, rolling ball machines, and other unique kinetic art items.
Rolling Ball Sculptures or (Ball Machines) feature a standing steel structure that has tracks and stunts for a rolling ball to follow. These are always a huge hit at my art openings. Now you can see Quicktime video clips of 4 of my machines, which includes sound for the musical tracks and chimes. Check these out first.
Click Clack is the giant version of the classic desktop toy, using bowling balls on a large steel frame.
This is one of my large "Suspension" sculptures. Those are high powered industrial rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets on the ends of the cords, and also on the frame of the circle, to hold the magnets in place by magnetic force alone. This sculpture appears in "Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me."
The "Pegasus Table" (58x62x11) is constructed in steel, wire and plastic. The hanging square tubes are musical chimes, and can be played by swinging them from side to side, or with the 2 hidden mallets, which are the 2 balls at the end of the head that don't
support a hanging tube or chime. This exquisite one of a kind piece was featured in a show called "Sound Furniture" at the Gallery of Functional Art in Santa Monica, and was part of an elaborate musical performance. The Pegasus Table is available at $6000. You must see and hear this work in person to appreciate it.
This is just too cool to keep to myself. Over the years I have had several hummingbirds come by and take a brief drink out of the hose while I am watering my garden. A couple of days ago I had one come up and take a drink, and then hung out bathing himself for over 2 minutes about 5 inches or so from my hand. He would have stayed longer, but when he flew up close to the nozzles, and alternated dipping his feet in for a good wash.... my laugh startled him for a few seconds. Now he has come back and done the bathing routine for 3 days in a row, and up to 5 times a day. Today, I went outside and there are 3 of them hanging out waiting for me, and I actually had 2 of them bathing in the hose at once. Anyway, I have been able to catch quite a few episodes on digital video, and have one of them here for your viewing pleasure. Warning! Its going to be a long load time (10 minutes maybe, possibly more). Not a problem at all if you have a dsl connection (only 2-4 seconds with dsl) but you may want to pass on watching this if you have less than a 56k modem or an old computer. Check out the "Attack of the Microbirds" in color on the BGBC.
This is one of my "Mystery Balls." They are 4" diameter aluminum balls with a disk grinded surface. They have a mystery substance inside which gives the ball a gyroscope effect if you spin it. It stays in one spot, spinning for a while. These have been seen at the shops at both The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, and The Los Angeles County Museum of Art. These are currently out of production until I find a less expensive way to produce them.
I have one original prototype in stock, but it is not for sale.
See the ball spin on quicktime video.
The "Magnoid" (16x16x10) is constructed in steel, magnets, paint and a bearing. This is a one of a kind kinetic magnetic sculpture. It was at a show on Magnetism at the Gallery of Functional Art, and was featured in a segment on Fox News on channel 11. There is a quicktime video clip of this sculpture in motion.
Where do I get my copy of Quicktime, and how much is it? Here's a link to Quicktime.
Go there to download your free copy of Quicktime 5.0.2. Please update your program
if you have an earlier version, so you can enjoy my video clips.
They offer a version for mac and another for PC.
You are going to need a free copy of Macromedia "Flash Player" to view the new animations that will be popping up on my website here and there.
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