Rolling Ball Machine Kinetic Art Sculptures by Los Angeles metal sculptor Bruce Gray
This is a selection of Rolling Ball kinetic art, and musical floor and wall mounted sculptures or ball machines with Quicktime video clips by renowned American metal sculptor and kinetic artist Bruce Gray from Los Angeles. Bruce was inspired by the humorous contraptions of Rube Goldberg, the classic kids game Mousetrap, and the large kinetic sculptures of one of his favorite sculptors, Jean Tinguely. Bruce can be commissioned to build a rolling ball machine or kugelbahn in any size you would like.
(Please click on photos to see larger image with text, prices, and available quicktime and Youtube videos.)
Kinetic art Rube Goldberg machine style rolling ball machine by sculptor Bruce Gray Kinetic art Rube Goldberg rolling ball machine by sculptor Bruce Gray Kinetic art Rube Goldberg rolling ball machine by sculptor Bruce Gray Motorized kinetic art Rube Goldberg inspired rolling ball machine Soundtrack is a kinetic wall sculpture with a steel ball that starts at the top track, and by gravity follows a path over a variety of musical tracks and chimes. This sculpture was commissioned by The Rolling Ball Museum in Seoul, Korea "Journey" is a rolling ball kinetic sculpture that is operated by a hand crank which activates an Archimedes screw lifting system. The screw lift brings a miniature pool ball to the top right of the sculpture where it is released and starts it's journey by the force of gravity. This interactive kinetic wall mounted sculpture by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray was commissioned by Princess Cruises for their new ship the Majestic Princess, based out of Italy and China. A similar sculpture can be commissioned for $16,000. Motorized versions are also possible. This series was inspired by the incredible contraptions of Rube Goldberg. 
Weight: 115 pounds. (60" high x 100" wide x 6" deep)
Cheborgie #1 Cheborgie #2 Soundgarden California Dreamin Soundtrack Journey

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