World famous artist and sculptor Bruce Gray Favorite Sculptures and Paintings
Los Angeles Metal Sculptor Bruce Gray's "Top Ten" Favorite Sculptures

A selection of Los Angeles metal sculptor and artist Bruce Gray's favorite sculptures and other artworks so far.
Many art collectors consider Bruce Gray to be one of the best artists in Los Angeles.
(Please click on photos to see larger image with text and prices.)

Giant Swiss cheese sculpture in welded aluminum by Bruce Gray

brave new world sculpture
giant cat sculpture in steel

suspended magnets sculpture
Equinox large size hanging mobile sculpture
Big Cheese #4 Brave New World Giant Cat Suspension Equinox Mobile
painted abstract wall sculpture
insertsecting shapes wall sculpture

giant steel insect sculpture
large motorized rolling ball sculpture giant ant and high heel shoe sculptures
Wall Sculpture #16 Cubicks #6 Big Bug California Dreamin High Heel Shoe #3

aluminum space age table

angry dog and shark tables

large abstract painting

meteor table
metal paper plane sculptures
Form Table Angry Dog Table Raindrops #4 Meteor Table Paper Plane Sculptures

lifesize motorcycle sculpture

giant metal keys
kinetic mobile sculpture stainless steel abstract sculpture cartoon like deer caught in headlights sculpture
Motorcycle Sculpture Big Keys Euphoria Mobile Coincidental Elements Deer Caught in Headlights
giant steel guitar sculpture 6 foot tall high heel shoe sculpture

arcade style kinetic art mobile
Wasp with color changing holographic paint
mixed metals wall sculpture
Electric Guitar Sculpture Giant High Heel Shoe Sculpture Arcade Game Mobile Holographic
Painted Wasp
Flight of the Bumble Bee
(walll sculpture)

kinetic art sculpture mobile
Sculptor Bruce Gray and his robot sculpture

Kinetic art stabile sculpture by sculptor Bruce Gray

Distorted electric guitar sculpture
Vice Versa hanging kinetic art sculpture Robot sculpture from crashed BMW parts Large kinetic sculpture Circumferential Evidence 6 Paper Plane sculptures made into a mobile for Edwards Air Force Base in California. Jimi's Nightmare - distorted guitar (walll sculpture)

Apparition wall sculpture

crop circles art


shoe fetish sculpture by sculptor Bruce Gray

Coral sculpture 1 in walnut
Giant 36 foot Red Mobile for Embassy Suites hotel, Ontario, California.
Apparition wall sculpture Crop Circles 1 wall sculptures Shoe Fetish 2 wall sculpture Coral sculpture 1 in walnut Giant 36 foot Red Mobile for Embassy Suites hotel, Ontario, California.
Double Entendre sculpture at Doubletree Hotel Giant robot sculptures at Westfield Mall


Gears Coffee Table steampunk style cocktail table by sculptor Bruce Gray

Double Entendre sculpture Giant Robot sculptures Gears Coffee Table    

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